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Our summer kicked off with a Seed Exchange Festival at ArtMill from Friday, August 13th, until September 19th. We will have booths at ArtMill to exchange our heirlooms with yours, so bring a few in a package and we'll give you some of ours! Let's keep GMO's out of our gardens and encourage folks to keep it organic!


Local vendors supplied foods and beverages from our region, including grilled sausages, home=baked breads, pies, organic coffee from Alta, fresh garden vegetables, honey, and moravian wines. 

A special interview with environmental artist pioneer Newton Harrison (California) on the Future Gardens Project is playing in the exhibition, and we will present our Central European edition of it. For other running exhibitions and performances, please go HERE. 

 The ArtMill Barn Gallery will be open each Saturday through September, from 10-5 pm, or by appointment.  The final SEED Fest will be on the weekend of September 18-19th, with the closing party for show. The exhibition "Seeds to the 7th Power" brings Czech and International artists together for our final installation of the Table & Territory project with other EU partners. Aleks Wolska, Eric Thiermann, and Soroush Sanaeinezhad created a memorable performance that questions the 'enlightenment mentality' of western culture that brought us a certain kind of learning (represented by the books/Tree of Knowledge, in the Garden of Earthly Delights), but fostered a disconnected relationship to the earth and food.


Aleksandra Wolska (USA/Poland presented her installation, workshop & and performance "Unless a Seed", created with her partner, award-winning film-maker Eric Thiermann, and performance artist Soroush Sanaeinezhad See more HERE.


The exhibitions "SEEDS to the 7th Power" includes artist-in-residence Veronica Bromová, whose elegant silk cyanotypes tapestries produce garden images filled with light. Her beautiful works on paper blur the lines between human and non-human, projected onto the dark walls of the mill's interior they take on a new living presence. She says of this series: "...seeds of meadow flowers, weeds that I meet every day touring the landscape, seeds that change into new flowers every other year, plants that I collect for tea, even the seemingly unimportant ones, I have an internal dialogue with everyone, I touch them, I realize their importance , perfection and beauty, her strength, ... perseverance, ..." (2021).


The group show in the ArtBarn Gallery, curated by Barbara Benish, brings together a dozen of her Czech artist friends, who over the decades of shared friendship and visual exchange, sow the seeds of creative inspiration. Includes Ivan Kafka, Aleš Veselý, Erica Bornová, Tomaš Cisarovský, Jana Preková, Vladimír Kokolia, Tomaš Ruller, and more....

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The video "Sowing Seeds", by Enrique Leal and Barbara Benish will debut at the Prague Biennale exhibition "Re-Connect", beginning September 3, 2021. Locations – Mariánské náměstí / piazzeta Národního divadla, Centrum současného umění DOX / Kampus Hybernská / Řezáčovo náměstí / Galerie NTK / Vojanovy sady / Manifesto Florenc / Pražský hrad / Kaštan – Scéna Unijazzu / NC Quadrio / NC Palladium / Pasáž českého designu / Kolektor cafe NGP / H55 Hloubětín / Plechárna Černý most / Klubovna Dejvice / Bio Oko / Galerie Ferdinanda Baumanna / Kavárna co hledá jméno / Městská knihovna v Praze (Dittrichova, Břevnov, Vozovna, Opatov, Bohnice, Dům čtení, Malešice, Zahradní Město) a další More information is HERE, and will be shown at the ArtMill Barn Gallery through September.

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left to right: Preková, Bornová, Stratil