S.S. Palo Alto Roundtable I


University of California at Santa Cruz, D.A.R.C. Bldg. room 230, Art Department March 29, 2011

10 a.m.-3 p.m.


If we can think of the "Cement Ship" at Aptos as a floating satellite campus, where informal classes could be held, public projects, learning and educational trips made, and interaction with the general public in a way that isn't always available on campus, then we are utilizing a special resource in an experimental way. Similar projects where Art & Science, social change, education, merging with the strong environmental aspect, are few and far between. The Hub: A Research Center for Social and Environmental Practice in the Arts at U.C.S.C. has invited our project to be part of it's recently formed program in a liaison which will hopefully expand in the years to come. The California State Parks, the Ship's legal guardian, can only benefit from such a project that could generate income, preserve the natural beauty of what is quickly becoming a reef teaming with marine life, and bring public attention to the state of the Parks, and more crucially the life of the ocean surrounding us.


Opening remarks by Barbara Benish, project co-ordinator