Marine Issues





As a pilot project for other land-to-sea “living-labs” around the world, it offers a new model of education based on field work at the site itself. Artists working with the specific environmental issues of Seacliff (the State Park where the ship is located), will be able to present visually and conceptually new possibilities for public understanding of the vital marine eco-sytems that support our planet. Re-introducing traditional stewardship practices (indigenous) of 'environmental eduation', the arts bring together community and experience, in this case of the ocean. Working with scientists at Long Marine Lab, CSUMB, Bodego Bay, and Moss Landing- where some of the most important marine research in the world takes place, international artists are invited to create collaborative works of art at the site, along the pier, on the beach head and with an interior space at the California State Parks Visitor's Center nearby. All access to the ship itself is closed. Viewing will be possible for miles up and down the coast, by sea and from the cliff above. Pressing marine environment issues will be addressed in the various projects, including:


  • Underwater Documentation

  • alternative potable water sources/desalination plants

  • marine debris and fish entanglement

  • agricultural (toxic) runoff

  • endangerment of the local marine life due to chemical and plastic pollutants

  • PoPs presence in the food chain

  • ocean acidification, red tide, and coral reefs

  • climate change and rising sea levels

  • clean alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power

  • overfishing and sustainable solutions

  • oil drilling and sonar testing

  • tourism and natural marine habitats

  • kelp forests and sea otters

  • ecosystems, habitats, and landscapes