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ART FARM               April- September, 2020

During the course of the spring and summer a dozen young people were quarantined at ArtMill during the outbreak of the corona-19 pandemic. The seeds of our project formed during this quasi utopian/hell, when our thoughts became a different solitude that was set at a community table each day. Our original project  metamorphosized from a critique of the environmental and health impacts of supermarket food, to a broader, more sustainable systems change of how we grow, eat, and transport our food. Under lock-down, the ArtMill team rebuilt our gardens into a more sustainable perma-culture system, planted seeds from organic, heirloom banks, and re-established our local connections to other growers, markets, and suppliers. We studied our waste and consumption, our spiritual needs and inter-personal dynamics of hierarchal systems. The fruits of this creative research will be presented to the public during a five day festival in late September, bringing in our collaborative artists from across the globe into  a virtual mill reality, our new 'covid consciousness'. For while the virus has changed us all and we mourn the loss of life across the world, we respect it like all living things, and strive to learn what it is teaching us about equity, tolerance, justice, and happiness. We look forward to sitting down at the table with you on September 30th, ArtMill's 1st annual Farm-to-Table meal, when the traditions of ritual and mythical thought are brought back to these Celtic lands and the Table once again becomes an altar, what Didi-Huberman calls a  "living tableau" .

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August 26-30 Basket Weaving Workshop with Native American artist Denise Davis

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open to the public: participants will learn to make their own containers for food and water. Imagine a world with zero waste....the process of weaving is as much a spiritual act as a physical activity, producing a utilitarian object as well as weaving stories in a spiral. Master artist and elder Denise Davis lives in the Czech Republic, and is half  Mountain Maidu (California) and half Celt (Welsh). 


September 26-27  Film/Food Festival at ArtMill Barn Gallery                    18:00- 24:00

see full film schedule HERE. Day One: Food,   Day Two: Waste, Day Three: Organic  


September 27, Sunday     Farm-to-Table & Exhibition  @ArtMill Barn Gallery          13:00-18:00

Bring your favorite dish and share your harvest! Sit down dinner on the hill. 100 seats available. For reservations, book HERE. + ArtMill Farmer's Seed Market Exchange

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"Festival of Durable Culture , Intangible Thought, & a Heart-beet"


artists include: 

Jorgge Menna Barreto

Veronika Šrek Bromová

Denise Davis

Tomaš a Andrea Hrůza/Průchová

Hana Nováková

Miloš Šejn

Ana Quiroz

Javier Orcaray Vélez

Alekansdra Wolska

Martin Zet

& the ArtFarm Research Project