Nso Water Protectors FUND

Beginning in 2017 with our meeting in Nso of Barbara Wbinglo, a member of the royal family there, ArtDialog has worked to help fund her efforts to access clean drinking water and dig new wells,  a drought condition exacerbated by climate change. ArtDialog is launching a new initiative to fundraise for our friends of the Nso Kingdom of Cameroon, who have suffered a brutal Civil War for the past four years. A direct result of colonial history, the struggle between Francophile and Anglophile regions of the country has finally begun to subside, in part due to the Covid outbreak. Miss Mbinglo also single-handedly helped to protect the Nso palace grounds, including precious artifacts of the culture, during the bloody civil war, often at risk to her own life. Through all this, she kept the gardens growing to provide food for her people.  We hope that in supporting the Water Protectors of Nso, it can contribute to rectifying the injustices brought by European and American violence against Africans, which continues today in the form of climate injustice for those of the global South. #BlackLivesMatter

Villagers celebrating a new well with a Water Dance

Barbara Mbinglo of the Nso Kingdom, Cameroon, 2017

Our Director, Barbara Benish, spoke to the villagers celebrating their commitment to clean drinking water, telling the story of the recent struggles by Indigenous Peoples in the USA, fighting for the same right at Standing Rock: "Water is Life"
Palace of Nso, Cameroon. with sculpture of founding matriarchal queen