Art Dialogue's mission is to build cultural discourse through creativity, research, the public, and experiential learning.

Our vision is to expand the definition of art into the larger cultural context. ArtDialogue does this by fostering creativity and it’s innate connection to the natural world; a place where nature and culture meet that is holistic, experiential, and sustainable. We foster a praxis-based, educational environment that grows from the natural sciences, philosophy and civil society, the arts, and the systems that organize them. Based on our history with the monumental social and political changes in Central Europe in 1989, from whence our organization began, we are committed to the idea that culture "should be a fundamental enabler of sustainability, being a source of meaning and energy, a wellspring of creativity and innovation…"

We are committed to the idea of culture as ‘soft diplomacy’ which ignites social change. ArtDialogue engages various social groups, across gender, age and nationality. We work to align ourselves with indigenous and local culture organizations with similar missions, in tune ecologically with sound production and creative practices. “Sustainable creativity” , implies a whole person in a healthy environment, an idea that nourishes a potential resource to confront the challenges ahead and create solutions to the impending global environmental crisis. ArtDialogue expedites placing culture into sustainable

qualifiable praxi.

Our Goals and Objectives:

  • Open a dialogue on Culture as a key pillar in sustainability through support and alignment with co-operating organizations

  • Foster creativity in the individual, and to that end social change in recognition of civil society.

  • Promote sustainable creativity via experiential, environmental education and cross- cultural exchange.

  • Support women, girls and local culture via all programming, scholarship and employment practices.

  • Produce international outreach activities that connect waste and consumption practices, focusing on ocean health.