A multimedia installation and book project exploring the role of power and permissions in contemporary hetero-masculine sexual identity. Coming September 2021.


The artist duo Midgray will present a selection of their work on masculinity and consent simultaneously at ArtMill and (A)Void gallery in Prague in the exhibition Something Unnamed.

Sexual violence is often framed as a women’s issue, so the artists repurposed an online dating platform to interview men about consent. Their multimedia installation explores the ways in which a popular American dating app pre-structures sexual relationships through conversations with men who were algorithmically targeted by their views on sexual consent. Through a series of online and offline conversations, this project provides various points of entry into cultural discussions about the role of power and permissions in contemporary hetero-masculine sexual identity.

Midgray (Simon Boas and Kris Blackmore) is a multidisciplinary studio that experiments with art and design to create projects that do not necessarily culminate in a product. They examine language, attention, gender performance, privacy, and consent through outputs that span digital and print media, moving images, interactive installations, curatorial projects, workshops, and games. Their work has been exhibited internationally by institutions including ACM SIGGRAPH, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Carnation Contemporary, and the Institute of Network Cultures.


midgray.com / @midgraystudio