Lisa Wulff

The Scream From Nature


"...I stood there trembling with anxiety ‐ and I sensed an endless scream passing through nature".

This was written by Munch about his significant motif The Scream. The painting has been recognised as the mental image of existential angst.


Today, more than one hundred years later, the nature is screaming in another way; heat waves, melting galciers, sea level rise, storms and flooding, extinction of plants and animals, droughts and forest fires, all leave people with anxiety.


Still, the collective will to solve the climate crisis is not strong enough for real action. We are probabely not anxious enough. How clear must the message be? The nature's urge to scream is constantly growing.


Yes, the scream needs to be really outspoken!


Let’s draw it really big, in different materials and in different places around the world. Maybe it will be heard...?