Nathaniel Freeman &

Paul Hempstead

"Velodrome Powerstation Project"


This project comprises a bicycle velodrome and viewer walkway built around the SS Palo Alto. A fleet of user-friendly bicycles (diverse enough to accommodate various sizes and abilities) are set up with batteries charged by the human-mechanized energy of the riders. These batteries are then plugged into a charging station (in visual range of the Moss Landing coastal power station located 20 miles south) that serves as the central power source of the structure itself, as well as being available for visitors to charge personal electronic devices. The structure is built to mimic the existing architectural elements of the pier, and will use reclaimed and sustainable materials as much as possible. The walkway is made in part of a transparent material to allow for views of the vessel and the surrounding water; the same material is used to surround the interior of the track, ensuring rider safety and a clear view of the ship. The project aims to produce enough energy to sustain itself, as well as to incite visitor dialogue and create experiential learning opportunities for alternative energy generation.